Upper 4 Limbs of Yoga – Day 27 – 2021 – Mantra Meditation

Good morning Yogis! We are continuing our special Upper Limbs week! We are ending a special bonus daily meditation month with a week of special meditation practices.

cool perspective shot looking at pine tree branch with droopy green needles and baby pine cones surrounded by branches in pine grove - mantra meditation Quote: Everyone has their own mantra. - Russell Brand
Everyone has their own mantra. – Russell Brand

Today’s Daily Yogi Practice is to try a mantra meditation. You can try some OMs, a traditional Sanskrit mantra, or some common English motivational mantras.


25 Motivational Mantras

Learn about and practice some OMs

Intro to Sanskrit Mantras

Read and learn about Mantras in English

Morning Positive Affirmations (5 min video – English)

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Please comment to share which mantra meditation you tried or prefer. Always remember, be kind!