November 2022 Challenge: Hydration and Ayurveda

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Happy Tuesday Yogis! National Hydration Day was in the middle of my first month of entries, which is now my 30 Day Intro Challenge. I am glad to revisit this during the year, because I always forget to prioritize this! I have mentioned that I love resolutions, and “drink more water” has been at the top of my New Years’ Resolutions list every year for at least 20 years. I also love holidays and any reason to celebrate, so I hope you all enjoy recognizing some of these random national and international holidays.

deep blue alpine lake in snowy mountain valley under bright blue partly cloudy sky - water hydration self-care Quote: Water is the most neglected nutrient in your diet but one of the most vital. - Kelly Barton
Water is the most neglected nutrient in your diet but one of the most vital. – Kelly Barton

Today we will focus on hydration again before restarting our 8 Limbed Yoga practices, since I personally DO need to revisit my resolution to drink more water and many of you may also struggle with this. So, maybe this is the key to my finally keeping my resolution to drink more water.. roundabout method, but yay! I also completed my Ayurveda Continuing Education, so I am covering both since they do have some correlations.

Today’s Daily Yogi Practice is to track, evaluate, and possibly increase your hydration levels. If you are like me and need help with this, maybe get a new water bottle to keep water with you and help track oz you drink during the day. If you have a favorite bottle already, perhaps try the Ulla clip which will blink to remind you if you have not drunk for a while (thanks to SEB for this tip!). Try adding fruit, mint, tea, cucumber, etc to your water if that encourages you to drink more during the day. Or perhaps try an app like Drink Water – Daily Reminder (free version is fine) to help with tracking and pop-up reminders, and a tool for personalized recommended oz of water per day.

Ayurveda – Water with Meals

This week is Thanksgiving in the US. This is basically an eating holiday, so I want to revisit Ayurvedic wisdom that resulted in a huge improvement in my digestion. Although drinking a large glass of water before a meal is often recommended for weight loss, this weakens (by dilution) your stomach acid and therefore digestion. I try to time my water intake 30 min before or 60 min after a large meal. This seemingly simple and small adjustment allowed me to reduce and then completely stop extremely strong stomach medications (Dexilant), and improved my gastro paresis.

Please keep this logical recommendation from Ayurveda in mind during your holiday meals, and see if your digestion improves by increasing time between hydration and meals!

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Please comment and share your thoughts on today’s hydration discussion. I hope you are doing better than I am keeping up with your hydration goals than I am 🙂 Always remember, be kind!