January 2023 30 Day Challenge: Day 27 – Brahmacharya (Moderation)

Happy January 28, 2023 – Brahmacharya (Moderation)

Happy Saturday Yogis! We are continuing on with weaving practice of each of the Yamas into our day. Last time we practiced the fourth of the Yamas – Brahmacharya or Moderation with choosing the middle path in any area of our lives. Today we will be more specific with our moderation .. this is one of my favorite Brahmacharya practices, and I am super thrilled this one lands on a weekend for our intro challenges 🙂

30 Day Challengers

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cool shot of two frog topiaries in shady garden full of purple and white flowers - brahmacharya moderation middle path unplug digital detox Quote: Especially when you have a lot going on, you must find a way to unplug and focus on yourself. - Mandy Ingber
Especially when you have a lot going on, you must find a way to unplug and focus on yourself. – Mandy Ingber

Today’s Positive Practice suggestion

Today’s Daily Yogi Practice is to practice Brahmacharya (Moderation) with our electronics and social media. Perhaps try an Unplugged Weekend with no electronics! Social media may be a useful tool to keep in touch with friends and family, especially in this isolating time. However, social media does not make us happy, and it can also distance us from the people we are spending time with. Many of us spend WAY too much time on our phones. It is the weekend, so many of us are off of work today. If you can, practice Brahmacharya with your phone and especially with social media, and enjoy your time with your loved ones this weekend. Perhaps encourage the entire household to spend a few hours “off the grid.” Or, go all out today with a full digital detox!

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Share your Practice

Please comment if you decided to practice Brahmacharya or Moderation today with your phones and social media, how did it go? How did it make you feel? Always remember, be kind!

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