Aparigraha – Non-Attachment – Day 3

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Good Morning Yogis! Today is Aparigraha or Non-Attachment Day. We will continue our series from last time, and both learn and try out an Aparigraha mind trick to help practice mental non-attachment. I call this method “removing should-ing” and I learned it years ago in a life-changing book: The Myth of Stress. I know reading an entire book is too much for a single day practice, but thankfully the author put the “meat and potatoes” of his method online!

Today’s Daily Yogi Practice is to practice non-attachment by trying the ActivInsight method today to flip your mind about a stressful situation for Aparigraha Day.

You can read about the active insight method here. Please note this entry is the fourth in his intro series, so you may want to start with the first entry here. If this method works for you, I strongly suggest reading the book for guidelines to use this method effectively for different types of stressful situations.

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Please comment and share your experience with the ActivInsight method for Aparigraha Day! Always remember, be kind!

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