Aparigraha – Non-Attachment – Day 4

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PS technically this is Day 30 of your Challenge, congratulations! We have Day 31 planned for tomorrow to complete August. Please stay with us.. we will check in with our monthly daily commitment on Tapas Day and have another Svadhyaya Journal Day this week.

Good Morning Yogis! We are staying sync-ed up with our 30 Day Challenge group, and today is Aparigraha or Non-Attachment Day. Last time we practiced the positive of the last of the YamasAparigraha / non-attachment by practicing gratitude, but today we will take it a step further.

Today’s Daily Yogi Practice is to practice Aparigraha / non-grasping with our actions. Today we will take action without making expectations of a particular outcome. Need some ideas? Sometimes we do nice things for others, hoping for a particular result and we then end up disappointed if the other person does not react how we planned. Try today to not hold expectations for another person’s behavior. Or perhaps set aside a few hours to relax, or enjoy time with loved ones, or just go for a drive without a pre-set agenda, and see where life takes you!

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Please comment and share how you decided to practice Aparigraha today. How did it make you feel? Always remember, be kind!

2 thoughts on “Aparigraha – Non-Attachment – Day 4

  1. Yesterday I took some time with my daughter. We snuggled on the couch and watch a movie together. It was nice to just take a break and relax with her.

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