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purple yogi girl trikonasana triangle pose yoga
Trikonasana – Triangle Pose

Good morning Yogis! We are continuing our exploration of various styles of Asana / poses. Today we are moving on to a slightly more difficult style.

Iyengar is somewhat between Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga. The creators of Iyengar and Ashtanga Vinyasa trained under the same Yoga Master, so it is no surprise there are some similarities! Iyengar, like Ashtanga, is typically a regimented series progression of Asanas/poses, with Sun Salutations in the series. However, Ashtanga is a flow style, while Iyengar instructors usually focus on proper alignment, and often hold the poses for a longer time. Iyengar also often uses props to aid with proper alignment. Because of this approach to Asanas, Iyengar classes are typically a good fit for beginners or Yogis with injuries. I really enjoy learning proper alignment with Iyengar, and trying to bring these “corrective focuses” into flow classes.

Have you used props before? If not, I strongly recommend trying today with an Iyengar series! I typically use blocks and a strap to help get proper alignment in some poses impacted by my tight hamstrings. We will talk more about different props later, but these two are probably the most helpful to Yogis at all levels!

Today’s Daily Yogi Practice is an Iyengar series. We have recommendations for Iyengar series both with and without props. I have demonstrated this series without props, but I am fairly flexible.. props are strongly recommended for this style to properly perform each Asana!

Beginner Iyengar Series with Props

Iyengar Series with and without Props

Check out a sped up version of the second video above, to get a quick idea of what this style is like! You will notice beginner poses held for a longer period of time, with an emphasis on alignment using props or modifications if needed.

Trikonasana - triangle pose - yoga pose yoga girl wearing pink and black lace set doing yoga inside in cool pink and purple yoga studio
Trikonasana – Triangle Pose

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You may want to start with a block if you are a beginner and do not have any props.. they are helpful for alignment and support when holding poses for a longer period of time.

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Please comment to share your experience with these Iyengar series! Which version did you try? What did you think? Always remember, be kind!