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Happy Asana April 24, 2021 – Asanas (Poses) – Standing Asanas

Good morning Yogis! We are in the middle of a series on different categories of Asanas I use – Seated, Standing, Heart Opener / Backbend, Hip Opener / Forward Bend, Arm Balance, Inversion, Twist, and Reclined. Today we will cover Standing Asanas. Please note through this series that many of the Asanas can belong to more than one group – for example a seated twist would clearly belong to both Seated and Twist categories, and a reclined twist would belong to both Reclined and Twist.

Trikonasana - triangle pose - yoga pose yoga girl wearing pink and black lace set doing yoga inside in cool pink and purple yoga studio
Trikonasana – Triangle Pose

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Bonus Daily Asana Challenge

We are in the middle of a daily Asanas practice challenge for April! Please see our Asana Styles page for links to YouTube videos for various Yoga Styles. For our focus on Standing Asanas today, I recommend an Iyengar Series.

I usually practice with the Yoga Studio App rather than streaming services, so I can download my favorite classes and use in areas without Wifi or phone signal. This week I am doing one of my favorites – Beginner AM (20 Minute), which includes the beginner version of this pose that I can do! I modify with more advanced versions of poses including full side plank, standard extended side angle, and lowering slowly from plank to Chaturanga Dandasana / Yoga Push-Up… I am still working arm strength to do the Intermediate version of this class!

Today’s Positive Practice suggestion

Today’s Daily Yogi Practice is to try any standing Asana. The Sitting Asanas we started with yesterday are generally beginner or easy Asanas. Some Standing Asanas are beginner or basic poses, but I would consider this group as a whole to be intermediate since many more advanced Asanas are Standing poses. Most Yoga classes begin with a standing sequence, since these are generally more energizing and strengthening. Today I recommend a balancing Asana like Vrksasana – Tree Pose or a standing pose combining strength and flexibility such as Trikonasana – Triangle Pose.

Standing Asanas

Tadasana – Mountain Pose

Virabhadrasana – Warrior Poses 1 2 & 3 and Virabhadrasana Variations – Humble & Reversed Warrior

Trikonasana & Utthita Parsvakonasana – Triangle & Extended Side Angle

Utkatasana – Powerful / Chair Pose

Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana – Standing Hand to Big Toe

Anuvittasana – Standing Backbend

Vrksasana – Tree Pose

Talasana – Palm Tree Pose

Ashta Chandrasana – High Lunge

Uttanasana – Standing Forward Bend

Utkata Konasana – Goddess Pose

Garudasana – Eagle Pose

Ardha Chandrasana – Half Moon Pose

Utthita Tadasana – Five Pointed Star Pose

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