Asteya – Non-Stealing – Day 3

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Good Morning Yogis! Today is Asteya or Non-Stealing Day. So, we will be practicing Asteya with the positive of non-stealing or generosity today!

Today’s Daily Yogi Practice is to practice a random act of generosity for today’s Asteya / Non-Stealing Day. Need some ideas?

  • Ask someone you care about who is having a tough time if you can help with household chores, or yard work, or anything else to make their lives easier and take something off their plate.
  • If you have old luggage you no longer use, please consider donating to a foster care agency, since many foster children are forced to move with garbage bags.
  • Purge toys, books, kitchen gadgets, and/or electronics you no longer use, and consider donating as appropriate to a local organization for the elderly, women and/or children.
  • Consider making a cash donation to your local food bank, hospital, or another nonprofit or charity that is meaningful to you.
  • Do a closet clean-out and donate clothes you do not wear any more… or consider starting a wardrobe tracking method to help identify what you do not wear and could donate. PS consider making the extra effort donating directly to local organizations for the homeless, women, or children rather than the easy dropboxes for Goodwill.

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Please comment if you would like to share how you practiced Asteya today! Always remember, be kind!

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