Daily Yogi Day 1 – 30 Day Yoga Challenge – Intro Philosophy, Poses & Positivity

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Whether you are starting Daily Yogi at the beginning with an introduction to the Yoga Sutras and 8 Limbs of Yoga (Ashtanga), starting a 30 Day Yoga Challenge, or completing our first full 6 months of Daily Yogi practices…you are in the right place to start at the beginning with Day 1!

Set yourself up for Success

We are so glad to have you start this journey to a better you! Please consider registering to join our Daily Yogi Groups, and also starting your 30 Day Yoga Challenge with a group. Above all, having an accountability buddy or group improves success rates for all!

PS our groups section is still currently growing. We have the most interaction currently with our instagram below, where we have 2x daily posts and reminders for our Yogis around the world.

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Tools – Checklists, Calendars, App

In addition, we have a few tools to help you get started and track your progress, including printable calendars or checklists, and our Daily Yogi App. So, when you are ready, please join us over in Daily Yogi Today and sync up with our current daily Positive Practices!

Register for custom monthly calendar and emails

I strongly recommend signing up here to get our custom calendar and checklist for the month (we often change things around for Sitali and Asana days around the 20th) – you can also get daily reminder emails for quick access to the practice of the day starting when our challenge begins!

Once the Challenge Starts

Firstly, we have two days of intro info posts before our Daily Positive Practices starting 6/1. I also recommend starting on a Saturday for an intro weekend, or two days before a new month. Moreover, you can harness your powerful beginning motivation and knock out all three on your start date! We additionally have free calendars and personal tracking options available to accommodate either start method.

We also have quick links in our listing of Daily Yogi entries below and on our First 30 Days Page. Just scroll down, otherwise use “find on page” function to help navigate to link for your current entry. Otherwise, visit this page for Daily Yogi posts for our first calendar year, and then use your device’s find function to navigate to your entry.

Please also email me to request a specific tracking or reminder tool if we do not have it here! In other words – I am happy to help with these or any tool you need to succeed 🙂

Daily Yogi – First 6 Months – Full Entries

First 30 Days

First, get the printable First 30 Day Calendar. Otherwise, check out our First 30 Day Checklist.

00 Birthday/New Year Resolution
0 Ashtanga – The 8 Limbs of Yoga
01 Yamas #1 – Ahimsa – Non-Harming – Intro
02 Yamas #2 – Satya – Truthfulness – Intro
03 Yamas #3 – Asteya – Non-Stealing – Intro
04 Yamas #4 – Brahmacharya – Moderation – Intro
05 Yamas #5 – Aparigraha – Non-Attachment – Intro
06 Niyamas #1 – Saucha – Purity – Intro
07 Niyamas #2 – Santosha – Contentment – Intro
08 Niyamas #3 – Tapas – Discipline – Intro
09 Niyamas #4 – Svadhyaya – Self-Study – Intro
10 Niyamas #5 – Ishvara Pranidhana – Surrender – Intro
11 Asanas – Poses – Intro – Sun Salutation Series
12 Pranayama – Breathing – Intro – Diaphragmatic Breathing
13 Upper 4 Limbs of Yoga – Intro – Meditation
14 Tadasana – Mountain Pose
15 Talasana – Palm Tree Pose
16 Uttanasana – Standing Forward Bend
17 Anjaneyasana – Low Lunge
18 Phalakasana – Plank
19 Chaturanga Dandasana – 4 Limbed Staff/Yoga Push Up
20 Pranayama – Sitali – Cooling Breath
21 Bhujangasana – Cobra
22 Adho Mukha Svanasana – Downward Facing Dog
23 Hydration and Ayurveda
24 Ahimsa – Non-Harming – Day 1
25 Satya – Truthfulness – Day 1
26 Asteya – Non-Stealing – Day 1
27 Brahmacharya – Moderation – Day 1
28 Aparigraha – Non-Attachment – Day 1
29 Saucha – Purity – Day 1
30 Santosha – Contentment – Day 1

Keep It Going!

Congrats on finishing your first month! It takes 30 Days to make a new habit, therefore you should have made positivity a new habit. So.. are you ready for more?

In addition, you can stay with and join our current group. We finally move to Month 2!
For instance, we are currently continuing our Niyama days, checking our daily habit progress from Tapas/Discipline Day, and making our next Svadhyaya / Self-Study journal entry. We will also do a new challenge month!

Recent Challenges:
December 2020 – Yamas Holiday
January 2021- Intro Philosophy, Poses, and Positivity
February – Weekly Asana, Pranayama, and Meditation
March – Meditation
April – Asanas
May – Intro Philosophy, Poses, and Positivity
June – Meditation
July – Summer Fun – Mindfulness & Flow
August – Intro Philosophy, Poses, and Positivity
September – Advanced Asanas
October – Meditation
November – Intro Philosophy, Poses, and Positivity
December 2021- Yamas Holiday
January 2022 – Intro Philosophy, Poses, and Positivity
February – Weekly Asana, Pranayama, and Meditation
March – Meditation
April – Asanas
May – Intro Philosophy, Poses, and Positivity
June – Meditation
July – Summer Fun – Mindfulness & Flow
August – Intro Philosophy, Poses, and Positivity

Upcoming Challenges:
September – Advanced Asanas
October – Meditation
November – TBD
December 2022- Yamas Holiday

Now join the group whenever you are ready with today’s Daily Yogi Practice:
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