Gemini Season 2022 – Partner Yoga & Temple Pose

Happy May 20, 2022 – Partner Yoga & Temple Pose

Good morning Yogis! Our Challengers are taking a break from the Sun Salutations pose breakdown for Sitali Pranayama, a cooling breath we covered on the Summer Solstice! If it is as cold as it is in the Colorado mountains today (we have snow for another month!) you may want to try a warming Pranayama such as Bellows Breath again today!

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Temple Pose

Today’s Positive Practice suggestion

Today is the start of Gemini Season – Happy Birthday Gemini Yogis! PS I am a Gemini (sun sign) so this is a special one for me! We will cover an Asana today inspired by Gemini – Temple Pose. Remember that Gemini is twins, so I also want to introduce Partner Yoga! Asanas for a pair of Yogis range from beginner poses like Temple Pose or Lean-On-Me featured today, up to advanced Acro Yoga for two!

Today’s Daily Yogi Practice is to try Temple Pose Asana (alone or with a friend) or Partner Yoga inspired by the start of Gemini Season!

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Temple Pose

This Asana can be performed solo – against against a wall to still get the ‘Lean-On-Me’ effect, or with hands on hips. I recommend trying solo with hands on hips BEFORE trying as a pair!

You will enter this pose by standing with your legs a bit further than hip-distance apart. Lean forward until your torso is parallel to the floor. Keep shoulders down and back, and keep hips and legs aligned. Hold for 30-60 seconds. To come out solo, tighten your core and stand back up.

If you are performing with a partner, start with hands on each other’s shoulder’s using for support but NOT weight, and slowly walk back into the pose. To come out as a pair, step a bit further back to avoid bumping heads, and come into a forward fold.

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Do not push yourself to pain on your Yoga Journey! Many Yogis of all levels embrace all kinds of blocks and props. Do not hesitate to grab a couch pillow for extra support, a block for extra support or when you cannot reach the floor, or a strap for extra arm-reach and leverage.

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Please comment and let us know how Temple Pose or Partner Yoga was for you! Do you want to share an Asana inspiration for your sign’s pose? Always remember, be kind!

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