Holiday – Brahmacharya – Moderation – Day 5 – Christmas Eve

Good Morning Yogis! We are in the middle of our special Holiday Yamas Practices! December is the holiday season for many worldwide nations, cultures, and religions, so this ties in with most other holiday seasons our Yogis may celebrate. I will continue my nerdy research through the month and tie in our practices with world holidays if they tie in with our daily practices… please contact me if you have any requests or suggestions!

mountain forest clearing with brown rocky ground and scattered grass and green pine trees - brahmacharya moderation middle path Quote: Silence is the only language of the realized. Practice moderation in speech. - Sathya Sai Baba
Silence is the only language of the realized. Practice moderation in speech. – Sathya Sai Baba

Holiday Yamas Practice Schedule

We are on our seventeenth day of Holiday Yamas Practices! After counting down the first 5 Yamas with 5 days of Ahimsa (non-harming), 4 days of Satya (truthfulness), and 3 days of Asteya (non-stealing), we are now having a full week of Brahmacharya for the week of Christmas in the United States.. a time that I will enjoy the focus on moderation!

Holiday Season – Christmas Eve

Today is the fifth day of a full week of Brahmacharya (moderation) practices. Today is also Christmas Eve. I grew up celebrating Christmas, and my favorite Christmas Carol growing up was Silent Night on Christmas Eve. So, today we will practice Brahmacharya with our speech.

Today’s Daily Yogi Practice is to examine Brahmacharya / moderation with our speech. Perhaps have a truly Silent Night and enjoy a quiet night at home with the family. You can follow our Gate Rule we use for Satya for speech, or perhaps just try to only speak if necessary for the day. For those of you that know me, this will be quite a challenge!

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Please comment and share how your Brahmacharya practice went today. How did it make you feel? Always remember, be kind!

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