International Day of Friendship

Good morning Yogis! We are going to wait to start our cycle though the Limbs of Yoga for the next couple days, to sync up with our 30 Day Challenge 8/1 start group.

Today is the International Day of Friendship, so we will honor that day. PS extra thanks to my best friends who are in the middle of completing my Daily Yogi 30 Day Challenge <3

Today we will have a KISS (keep it super simple day) Yamas Practice Day!

Today’s Daily Yogi Practice is to choose one of the Yamas to celebrate today’s International Day of Friendship. Perhaps choose Ahimsa and celebrate a friend with a random act of kindness. Maybe go for Satya and share a kind truth. Or find a particularly gracious friend and exercise Asteya, and take care of someone who takes care of you.

Please comment if you would like to share your Yamas practice for today! Always remember, be kind!

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