July Anti-Boredom Month – Mindfulness & Flow – Day 8 – Video Games

Happy July 8, 2021 – Mindfulness & Flow: Video Games

Good Morning Yogis! We are in the middle of a special Santosha and Mindfulness Summer Fun Month to align with July’s Anti-Boredom Month.

Today is a KISS (Keep it Super Simple) Day with a simple Fun Practice. Check out this month’s Introduction for more on mindfulness, flow, and Tea Ceremony – my recommended substitute practice for any suggested daily Fun Practice this month you do not want to try. We will have 31 different practices and activities to at minimum beat boredom for Anti-Boredom Month, and hopefully help you experience a flow state.

Video Games & Mindfulness vs Mindlessness

Today is also National Video Game Day. I was a girl gamer for most of my life, though this hobby has dropped off a bit in recent years. This is a great fun activity we have not covered yet to pass the time, and is a great intro to considering mindfulness vs mindlessness. To simplify, I would say doing something mindlessly is without thought and you are running on auto-pilot, vs doing something mindfully is being fully immersed in the moment. Different types of video games lend themselves to different types of playing… strategy and first-person-shooting games are so fast-paced that they typically put you into a flow-like state easily, putting you into that world. My personal favorites are dance and rhythm games, or active wii games that have a more physical element. Other games are addicting mindless fun like candy crush, my most recent. Either way, video games (and many activities that induce flow-states) can be addicting, so make sure to set a timer before you start!

cool shot of stone path twisting throuhg shady rock garden with orange lillies and bright green leafy plants around moss covered gray rocks - mindfulness mindlessness Quote: Mindless habitual behavior is the enemy of innovation. - Rosabeth Moss Kanter
Mindless habitual behavior is the enemy of innovation. – Rosabeth Moss Kanter

Today’s Positive Practice suggestion

Today’s Daily Yogi Practice is to try today’s Anti-Boredom / mindfulness/flow Activity: Video Games! Try to make sure you pick a game that lends itself to mindfulness rather than mindlessness. I am currently into my language learning game, Duolingo. Since I am no longer an active gamer, check out this list of video games for mindfulness.

Try to calmly take notice when your thoughts drift back to the past or forward to the future. Try to bring yourself back to and fully immerse yourself in the present moment by focusing on the sight, sounds, smells, taste, or feel of your surroundings.

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Share your Practice

Please comment and share your experience with today’s practice. Were you able to find flow or contentment in the now? Always remember, be kind!

One thought on “July Anti-Boredom Month – Mindfulness & Flow – Day 8 – Video Games

  1. I absolutely know people who “setting a timer” would be beneficial for! Also thanks for pointing out mindfulness vs. mindlessness

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