Libra Season – Tolasana – Scales Pose

Good morning Yogis! Happy Fall! Today is not only the Fall Equinox, but it is also the start of Libra Season – Happy Birthday Libra Yogis! We will cover an Asana today inspired by Libra – Tolasana (toe-LAH-sa-nuh) or Scales Pose. This is one of the few arm balances and advanced poses I can do! I had to try to channel my Libra friend with that smile, which was quite difficult in this challenging Asana.

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Today’s Daily Yogi Practice is to try Tolasana or Scales Pose inspired by the start of Libra Season! The full expression of the bottom half of this pose is from Padmasana or Lotus Pose, but there are variations for both the Lotus Legs and full Arm Balance to make accessible for beginner Yogis. This Asana is a great workout for the arms and core!

Tolasana – Scales Pose

Tolasana - scales pose - yoga pose girl sunny day yoga on the beach
Tolasana – Scales Pose

Start in either Padmasana or Lotus Pose, or cross your legs and bring one foot on top of the opposite thigh to come into Half Lotus. If neither pose is comfortable, stay in a comfortable cross-legged position.

Place your hands on the mat, palms down and middle fingers pointing straight to the sides and fingers spread. Exhale and press into the mat with your hands, as you contract your core and lift your legs and seat off the mat. If you cannot lift your entire seat off the floor, come into Half Lotus and lift your hips off the ground, using your other foot on the mat for stability. Hold for a few breaths if you can, and slowly lower back to the mat on an exhale. Make sure to flip your feet and practice on both sides!

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Please comment and let us know how Scales pose was for you! Did you try full Lotus Legs? Were you able to lift your seat from the mat? Do you want to share an Asana inspiration for your sign’s pose? Always remember, be kind!

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2 thoughts on “Libra Season – Tolasana – Scales Pose

  1. I was shocked in my arm strength and was able to come into full lotus pose. I wasn’t able to hold the pose for very long but it is something I can work on.

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