November 2022 Challenge: Asanas (Poses) – Talasana & Vrksasana

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Happy Monday Yogis! As our 30 Day Challenge group is working on a detailed breakdown of each of the poses in the Surya Namaskar, or Sun Salutations Series, we will review these Asanas along with our challengers. Or, if you prefer, you can practice a twisted/sister version of each pose during this series!

Sun Salutations AsanaTalasana / Palm Tree Pose
Twisted/Sister AsanaVrksasana / Tree Pose

Talasana - palm-tree palm pose - yoga pose yoga girl wearing black doing yoga outside in the rocky mountains
Talasana – Palm Tree Pose
Vrksasana - tree pose - yoga pose forest yogi girl wearing green dress, outdoors barefoot yoga in the woods
Vrksasana – Tree Pose

Today’s Daily Yogi Practice is to go “back to basics” with either Talasana / Palm Tree Pose or Vrksasana / Tree Pose. Both of these are great balancing poses for new Yogis! I find practicing balancing Asanas brings a calming stillness after focusing on holding the pose.

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Please comment to share your experience! What did you think? Which was your favorite of these arboreal Asanas? Always remember, be kind!

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