Special Announcements

Good afternoon Yogis! I am interrupting our daily positive practice posts for a couple special announcements!

I want to formally announce our 30 Day Challenge – Intro Philosophy, Poses & Positivity starting this weekend! Special thanks to my friends who are about half way through this challenge 🙏 We have two days of intro posts, so you can start any time 8/1-8/3. We will sync up daily practices with the challenge group for August. If you are participating, please consider signing up for our email list, getting the app, or following on Instagram / Twitter / Facebook for daily reminders and notifications.

Also, I am sooo excited to share that Daily Yogi made the Top 50 Yoga Teacher Blog Feeds! We are #39! I am so thrilled since we are new, not an established organization, teacher, or yoga studio with lots of followers.

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