Svadhyaya – Self-Study – Day 2 – Natal Star Charts

Good Morning Yogis! We are continuing on with weaving practice of each of the Niyamas into our day. Last time we practiced Svadhyaya / self-study by focusing on the practice of studying sacred texts, and keeping up with our journals to have research materials to aid our self-study.

Today we will start a fun self-study method series for the next few Svadhyaya Days. I got very interested in personality typing a few years ago. My two favorite methodologies are called Meyers-Briggs and the Enneagram. I have had some friends get annoyed by my interest in these personality analysis methods, and say they are like horoscopes… My answer is I think astrology is another fun method to learn about ourselves! I do not hold myself or others to any strict interpretations of astrology or personality typing, but I do think having something to compare to for self-analysis is helpful, and much easier than starting self-analysis from scratch! So, let’s start with a deeper dive into astrology, because horoscopes are familiar to most of us. This is just for fun and to have a tool for comparison.. but if you do not like astrology, feel free to skip today and meet us back tomorrow 🙂

Today’s Daily Yogi Practice is to pull a birth star chart for yourself. Most people know their primary sun sign, but there is a lot more astrologers interpret from the stars at your time of birth! Generate your free star chart here (you will need your birth time and city for full chart with rising signs). Remember to approach with the open mind of a scholar, and use as a tool for self-reflection.

There is a LOT to read, and it is worth reading the entire analysis. Your main astrological signs are:
Sun Sign – true self, identity and personality. This is the zodiac sign you are most familiar with
Moon Sign – inner self, emotional self and approach to relationships
Ascendant or Rising Sign – outer self, social self and impression you give off

Review your star chart reading, and note what you agree or disagree with from your reading. This is a good time to make another journal entry!

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Please comment and share your thoughts on your star chart if would like. Have you kept up with your journal, or are you making another entry with me for Svadhyaya day? Always remember, be kind!

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