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Daily Yogi’s Background

Welcome to my first post :D!

Hi everyone, I’m Tarryn Tyler. I finished my Yoga Teacher Training this year (2020). After learning about Yoga philosophy and the Eight Limbs of Yoga, I was looking for ways to help ensure I integrated these teachings and practices from the Yoga Sutras into my life each day. I was unable to find an app, so I tried using my Yoga philosophy flashcards in my day planner to add one each day. Although they helped, unfortunately, my note cards alone did not cut it… I do much better accomplishing my goals with multiple reminders, especially pop-up notifications on my phone! I decided to take what I learned from my varied experiences in the high-pressure corporate world, and created an App to help motivate myself and others to take positive actions to make ourselves and the world a little better each day.

I completed my Yoga Teacher Training online due to the recent COVID crisis. We had HUGE discussion groups with a large and diverse group of Yogis on very different journeys. I enjoyed the input from so many people with such different backgrounds, as well as the camaraderie in this isolating time. I also recently joined a 90 Day Yoga Challenge on Facebook with a few of my friends from college, and the daily accountability helped me with physically practicing every day. So, I decided to develop my App to integrate with a full website to form a community from all walks of life to support and encourage each other on our journeys, and keep easy access to favorite past practices.

I love New Years, and I especially love New Years’ Resolutions. I make them not only every New Years, but also on my birthdays and anniversaries. So, today is my Birthday, and my BIG Birthday Resolution is consistently applying one Yoga teaching a day from the Yoga Sutras.

Please note I am FAR from perfect. I made this blog and app because I needed them! I do not really have an “off button” which is perhaps why I was drawn to Yoga. I also do not think I ever learned an inside voice… which is why it is a good thing I have a blog, rather than a podcast! I am just a Yogi and Yoga Teacher, not a master or guru… We are on this journey together 🙂 Also, I am just an Ashtanga Yoga student, not an authorized Ashtanga Teacher yet… which requires a trip to the only approved Ashtanga School in India #goals. As you will learn on this journey with me, I love self-improvement of all kinds, and the main point of my Birthday Resolution is another resolution from New Years.. to try to be a little better all day. That’s the best we can do, right?

So.. Let’s be the change we want to see in the world! I think that line is from maybe both Gandhi and Superman?? You will also quickly learn that I am a huge nerd.. I am an accountant, gamer, former tax CPA, and recovering overachiever who really enjoys learning and deep dark internet research holes. I moved to Colorado and began being outdoorsy and adventurous too. I am sooo excited to share my varied interests that may come up as we integrate different practices into our days. Please feel free to join the community and share your experiences, and/or ignore any suggestions that do not appeal to you.

I have ONE RULE… Please, everyone joining this community and commenting: PLEASE BE KIND. There is enough negativity in the world, and we are in especially stressful quarantine-times right now, so please… only add positivity. We are very protective of the safe space here, and I will be more than happy to stamp out cruelty or negativity here.

So… Welcome Yogis! Feel free to introduce yourself, or join in with comments or questions along the way. To start, I am going to focus on introducing each of the 8 Limbs of Yoga, and I hope you enjoy learning and incorporating these practices into your day along with me!

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Padmasana – Lotus Pose
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That was my first post! Welcome to the Daily Yogi Journey! I introduce myself here, feel free to introduce yourself as well 😀

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