Yoga Challenge: Niyamas (Personal Observances) #3 – Tapas (Discipline)

Daily Yogi branch of Niyamas lower limb of yoga - Saucha, Santosha, Tapas, Svadhyaya, Ishvara Pranidhana
Niyamas – Saucha, Santosha, Tapas, Svadhyaya, Ishvara Pranidhana

Happy Day 8 of our 30 Day Yoga Challenge – Tapas

Today we are examining the third of the five Niyamas – Tapas or Discipline.

2nd Limb of Yoga – Niyamas #3 – Tapas (Discipline)

Tapas (TAH-pas) is one of the easiest of the Niyamas to understand. Tapas is derived from a Sanskrit root meaning “to burn”. Tapas is often translated as self-discipline.

Tapas / self-discipline is what helps us build daily rituals and practices. We tap into Tapas when we push ourselves to get on the Yoga mat every day when we do not feel like it, or do necessary homework or work tasks that we find boring, or commit and stick to daily meditation or a healthy diet. I created the Daily Yogi App as a Tapas tool to encourage myself and those who would like to join to be a little better every day.

Today’s Positive Practice suggestion

Today’s Daily Yogi Practice is to select a meaningful positive new habit or practice to do every day, and set yourself up for success. Need suggestions? It can be big or small. Maybe you commit to this Daily Yogi journey of positive practices with our group every day. Maybe you commit to daily Asana / physical Yoga practice. Perhaps you have always wanted to meditate every day… well, today is the day to start! If you always wanted to learn a language, check out the free Duolingo site and app and get started (and feel free to add me, TarrynTyler as your Duolingo friend). If you’re an insatiable consumer of education like me, check out these free EdX online courses from Harvard or look around the EdX site for other free classes from other schools. Maybe you want to eat healthy, or try out a new diet, or start taking supplements. Whatever is meaningful for you, make the commitment today!

Now, for the second part.. Set yourself up for success! Tapas is not just about setting a goal, it is about exercising self-discipline and follow through. If you use a calendar or planner, write your goal down every day. Maybe add a daily reminder, alarm, or calendar appointment on your phone. Try getting sticky notes and sticking on your bathroom mirror, just inside the front door, or on your night stand.. maybe all three spots! If you have similar friends or family members, maybe try out an accountability-buddy, a friendly competition, or a group 30 Day Challenge. Perhaps schedule giving yourself a small reward on the weekend for sticking to your new habit for the full week. Also, physically set yourself up for success… buy the right foods and dispose of temptations for diet changes, set out exercise equipment and clothes the night before if you want to wake up and exercise, schedule out your lessons to complete by a meaningful date, etc. Whatever methods work for you, try any and all ways to gently encourage yourself to make positive changes or accomplish your goals.

Want more Tapas practices? Check out our Tapas Guide!

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Do not push yourself to pain on your Yoga Journey! Many Yogis of all levels embrace all kinds of blocks and props. Do not hesitate to grab a couch pillow for extra support, a block for extra support or when you cannot reach the floor, or a strap for extra arm-reach and leverage.

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6 thoughts on “Yoga Challenge: Niyamas (Personal Observances) #3 – Tapas (Discipline)

  1. I’m going commit to my hula hoop for the next 30 days. I’ve been listing to a DJ play every day at 10am and I’m going to take the time to flow. Keeping track of my progress by my apply watch and a video each day. We can do it.

  2. I’m awful about taking the time to stretch and really need to, so I’m going to commit to that. I set it as a recurring task in my to-do app so I remember to do it at least once a day. Starting yoga will definitely help too!

  3. I am making a commitment to using my weight machine daily in hopes to regain some of my upper body strength and tone up! I also use the recurring tasks in my reminders app to help me on track. I also started Duolingo again during the quarantine and it has become a favorite part of my day! I feel good knowing I’m learning something new each day.

    1. Cool! I have the same issue with upper body strength.. keep an eye out for the Phalakasana and Chaturanga Dandasana posts! I’m working sooo hard at arm strength, those are how I’m working on building up.

      It took years but I now can finally hold my body up in Tolasana / scales pose.. .my first real arm balance. Remember it’s a journey… monitor your progress, it’ll happen! Also the arm strength we ladies often lack is usually balanced by more hip flexibility that the guys often struggle with. Every body is different <3

      PS you are a duolingo beast!!! I'm so impressed by your daily streak tally... helping motivate me hehe

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